Limited Edition of 10 The artwork is printed on a 100% archival museum-quality paper and is mounted with acrylic face-mount. This body of work titled Home is a reflection of my personal background. The landscapes are composited from the two countries that comprise my inherited, and experienced, identity: Israel and Canada. The bottom half of this image was photographed in Israel, the country I grew up in, while the sky was shot in Canada, the country I currently reside in. The project was influenced by a trip I took to Israel in the summer of 2013, A place I missed very much and hadn’t visited since I was 11 years old, To my surprise, although the environment and even the air made me feel like I was finally home, socially, I felt in some ways different from fellow Israelis. In Israel I was Canadian, and in Canada I was Israeli. After coming back to Canada, I realized that both countries, and neither, are my home. This project is the processing of my story. The landscapes are digitally manipulated to appear otherworldly, like a different planet, representing a place I am estranged from. In them I see a familiarity, a place that is so beautiful, that has recognizable features, but somewhere I feel alien.

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Alice Zilberberg
Toronto, Ontario
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Salmon Sky over Mountains of My Foreign Homeland
  • Contemporary
  • Photography
  • Archival Metallic Lustre Paper
  • 21" x 40" x 2"


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